Time for Museums to Change

I just got back from a wonderful trip to Copenhagen with the family. We visited one of the best modern art museums I’ve seen – Louisiana in the outskirts of the city. One of the exhibitions at the museum is by David Hockney whom I’ve loved and respected for years. This is a collection of works … Continue reading

What do Steve Jobs and Luigi the plumber have in common?

Last week I stood in line and got my hands on a shiny new iPad 2, right on the day it was launched in Israel. When I held the bag, I couldn’t help feeling like Anton Ego when he took the first bite out of Remy’s Ratatouille. Up until now I sound like a real die-hard … Continue reading

Foursquare puts the context in LBS

A couple of months ago Foursquare announced a new partnership with Safeway allowing users to connect their foursquare account with their Safeway loyalty account. Even though as much as I know this has been left as a single announcement for now, it’s one of the most interesting things going on in this landscape. Being a … Continue reading

Battery Ventures Workshop Group Pic

The Value Behind a Great Workshop

Early in July I was invited by Battery Ventures to attend one of the best workshops I have ever participated in – “Entrepreneurship & New Ventures” conducted by Professor Danny Warshay. I got an opportunity to be part of a group of 30 talented people – CEOs, founders, marketers and consultants. We all had different … Continue reading

Global MBA in China – Global Art at 798

I recently came back from a study trip in China, as part of my Global MBA studies at IDC in Hertzliya. Since I’m leaving for a personal vacation soon and my impression list is so long, I decided to share here one strong impression I had, just one of many. Finding one very strong impression … Continue reading

Marketing the Sunset Experience

I just returned from a magical week in Kos, Greece. I hope to post more about my experiences on this island, but one of the things that really struck me from a marketing point of view is how they took ownership of the sunset. Every guide, list of attractions or to-do list, mentions how you … Continue reading

EL AL Fly and Read

I’m was excited about going to “Shvua Hasefer” (book week) a couple of nights ago with the kids. During the past few days, every morning while taking little Alma to kindergarten on the bike, I got a chance to see the square transform slowly into a giant maze of books. This year, while passing next … Continue reading

LBS at MobileMonday TLV

Last week I headed a session focused on LBS at the MoMoTLV ‘s 2 years anniversary event. Gladly, we managed to get 2 groups of great people, who had a lot of experience and a lot to say about the future (and the present) of the LBS market. The biggest question floating above our heads was what … Continue reading