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With over 13 years of experience in the High-Tech industry in various executive roles, I have gathered expertise in the following industries: Mobile Applications, Location Based Services (LBS), High-Tech Consumer Marketing (B2C), Internet, User Experience, Product Marketing and Management.

Most recently, I have started up my own company, called flayvr. I’m extremely excited about this new path, stay tuned for more…


To me, marketing is all about storytelling. There are many ways to tell a single story, but to tell it right you need to follow a few guidelines:

  • Know your audience – each industry has its jargon, likes and dislikes. I work closely with companies to help them focus on their ideal target audience.
  • Positioning – within your industry, what will me you stand out among your competitors?
  • Creative copywriting and Marcom – boring datasheets, specifications and websites that all look the same and say the same thing are a dime a dozen. Telling the story differently in order to stand out requires innovation.


Great products that have no real underlying business strategy are unfortunately not rare. I believe that many times, all that’s needed is really just some fine-tuning:

  • Market research – assisting with understanding the market landscape, the competition and the key trends.
  • Alternatives – I find that providing a unbiased view from the outside is many times helpful in completing the strategic picture.
  • Business plan – building a new business plan and investors presentation requires focusing on the details that really count and make a difference.


A great product stems from a well-thought-of strategy.

  • Product definitions – harnessing my rich experience as product manager, I provide inputs to both existing and emerging products.
  • Product marketing – Creatively marketing products is a result of understanding the market and how to become a leader in it. I help companies identify their key selling points, benefits and differentiators, and decide on the go-to-market strategy. Yes, outsourced product marketing really works!
  • Innovation – helping companies understand what’s important and what can be left out, assists in finding the right path to a real innovative product.
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