What do Steve Jobs and Luigi the plumber have in common?

Last week I stood in line and got my hands on a shiny new iPad 2, right on the day it was launched in Israel. When I held the bag, I couldn’t help feeling like Anton Ego when he took the first bite out of Remy’s Ratatouille.

Up until now I sound like a real die-hard Apple fan but the truth is that it simply brought back a very vivid memory that has to do with 2 cartoon plumbers:

Going back to the 5th grade, age 11. I was living in New York back then and was a huge Nintendo NES fan. Mario, Zelda, Mario, Zelda. Even Bases Loaded. Then came that magical on which  it was announced that Super Mario Brothers 2 would be launched. There was no internet back then, no Steve Jobs announcements, no Twitter buzz – just TV ads and real word of mouth. Somehow, my entire class knew that it would be released, and somehow I knew that if I went to FAO Schwartz on 5th Avenue early enough on Saturday morning, I would find it there. I still remember taking the escalator up and reaching a stand where a guy was handing out game cartridges out of boxes that were being unpacked as I stood there. I felt so lucky!

That was 22 years ago (cough). But standing in line at the Apple store in Tel Aviv sent me right back to NY, 1988. I realized I’m still the same kid. We all are kids in this game, excited to get our hands on the first edition. It’s all about being the first to touch, to play, tell others. Today I can justify to myself that I need it for work, but to be honest, I love still being a kid.

Oh and BTW – Mario is way cooler than even 100 angry birds.

2 Responses to “What do Steve Jobs and Luigi the plumber have in common?”
  1. Sagi says:

    Right on! 🙂
    Short. Simple. Soooo correct 🙂

  2. Ziv says:

    I thought it would be about pancreatic cancer. How wrong I was.

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