Marketing the Sunset Experience

I just returned from a magical week in Kos, Greece. I hope to post more about my experiences on this island, but one of the things that really struck me from a marketing point of view is how they took ownership of the sunset. Every guide, list of attractions or to-do list, mentions how you just can’t miss the sunset from Zia, Mastichari, Sunset Beach, Sunset Hotel, …

We decided to experience the sunset from a wonderful restaurant called Taverna Oromedon. It was indeed a spectacular view and was actually the first time I ever goat’s meat (wow!) but the way the restaurant marketed itself via the sunset was incredible: when the time came, at around 8PM, all the waiters hit the beautiful terrace and started pushing people to stand up and pose for photos.

The truth was revealed then – these guys are not waiters but rather professional photographers. No matter which camera they held, they immediately adjusted it to the best mode for taking pictures of the sunset. They took multiple pics until they got the best one for each. Later on, when it got a bit chilly, they gave out warm vests with the restaurant logo on it so people could stay on the terrace without needing to go inside.

The restaurant was doing well not (only) due to the good food and view, they really knew how to leverage the entire experience around the sunset to something bigger. We have all seen sunsets in our lives, and many of which were nicer than the one in Kos, but none of them had such a celebration around it like they do there, without paying anyone a commission for using the sunset brand.

And BTW – this is us there 🙂 :


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