EL AL Fly and Read

I’m was excited about going to “Shvua Hasefer” (book week) a couple of nights ago with the kids. During the past few days, every morning while taking little Alma to kindergarten on the bike, I got a chance to see the square transform slowly into a giant maze of books.

This year, while passing next to the square, I saw a huge entrance gate with the EL AL logo on it, calling me to get my free book. An email from EL AL followed today telling me that I could choose any book I wanted from the vast collection at Yediot books.

One might ask what does EL AL have to do with books, but that is exactly it – making a non-trivial connection so trivial in a single step – “take a book with you on your next flight”. EL AL’s frequent flyer club by default appeals most to the business oriented flyers, the more “sophisticated” crowd if you wish. However, over the past few months, they have been appealing more and more to a wider audience. By joining hands with the largest book celebration in Israel EL AL is saying “We know you, you want to read more. We read and we encourage you to read”. The free book is actually a pretty significant present in my opinion, and they’re giving no less than 5,000 of them. I also like the fact that they’re not connecting it to mileage or status.

When I got to the square on the opening day of the celebration the Yediot stand was packed with people waiting for their free book, from the first moment that it opened actually. It was nice to see that indeed most people held a regular (not silver, gold or platinum) card, and that almost all of them used the opportunity to purchase additional books for a discount.

The EL AL facebook page had some comments of users asking why this is happening in Tel Aviv only. I have to say I totally agree with this criticism and the attempt to appeal to a wider audience would have worked great also in other locations, maybe even more than in Tel Aviv.

Other than Bank Hapoalim and the book stores of course, I haven’t seen any major brands try to leverage this book celebration and I believe it’s a pity.

And BTW – this is my free book from El Al. Which one did you get?


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