LBS at MobileMonday TLV

Last week I headed a session focused on LBS at the MoMoTLV ‘s 2 years anniversary event. Gladly, we managed to get 2 groups of great people, who had a lot of experience and a lot to say about the future (and the present) of the LBS market.

The biggest question floating above our heads was what has changed in the past 10 years. When I first got involved in LBS, more than 10 years ago, we  at InirU were offering location based social services, dating and LBA (Location Based Advertising). These are the same services everybody is talking about today…

Not surprisingly, we all agreed that a lot has changed, with the 3 main changes being: A) Platforms (like the iPhone) that enable a rich experience. B) The rise of social media services like facebook and twitter. C) Location data is now the hands of the users (through the devices’ GPS) and not controlled by the operators.

We then continued to a long discussion about the place which location plays in today’s services. The group was split on the topic of the future being in the hands of foursquare or of facebook, but as the discussion continued, there was one very important point – location on its own is not enough. We are bound to see location features integrated into existing services, as a means to add context to the user’s actions, and not as a killer feature on its own. Location data will optimize the way we conduct our day-to-day mobile lives and in the future will become integrated into almost every service we consume.

These are naturally only the highlights of the session – If you would like me to expand in the future on any specific topic, please let me know in the comments section.

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